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Anna Kotova-Derebina: “I have nothing to share with my sister”

The comedy series “Sisters” – about three sisters, who, after the death of his father, got a provincial https://divineconnection.co.nz/spiritual-blog-divine-connection-quotes-2/ car dealership – comes out on April 4 at 19:00 on STS. The performer of one of the main roles Anna Kotova-Derbina told why a business with her relatives is not always a good idea, and shared how relations with a real sister developed.

In the series “Sisters” the heroines do not stand each other, but are forced to communicate, because they have inherited a common business. Your Masha is almost the main provocateur. And you are one of those people who always, no matter what, proves your point of view?

Honestly, I always try to find some kind of diplomatic middle to reconcile everyone. I am wildly uncomfortable to be in conflict. We are all people, everyone has conflicts, but I try to avoid them. Although this is also not always correct: sometimes you need to defend your point of view. After all, what is conflict? This is a clash of interests and views. Therefore, it is important to pronounce everything correctly in order to come to some common denominator.

You are the first to put up?

It happens differently. I am ready to put up immediately, but sometimes I restrain myself. (Smiles).

Your heroine with such enthusiasm is taken for a car dealership. And someday you wanted to open your own business?

It seems to me that business is not mine. Once I organized and conducted acting courses. Everything was cool with the creative part, but with the business side of the issue – not easy. I do not have a steel grip, the ability to work in the future and strategically think five steps forward. If there is such a specialist nearby, why not. I am for it. (Smiles).

In the series, this mission was assigned to Irina, the metropolitan businesswoman. But it is difficult for her to do business next to her relatives.

Yes, one of my friends said a very competent thing: if you are doing business with a friend or relative, you should be able to clearly share the time of communication. Now we communicate with you as business partners, and now-as friends and relatives. If two people are able to divide the roles, then everything will be fine, but if they mix, most likely, it will not end in anything good.

The heroines of the series business helps to rally or vice versa?

I think it helps. Of course, at first all business problems are mixed with personal. But this is the severity of comedy, and the desired conflict. They are also very different, each has its own point of view, so they have not talked for ten years. And so they met again, and the conflict did not go anywhere during this time, so they are trying to work out in the process of the heroine, to say everything that boiled.

Ten years – a rather big deadline.

It seems to me that you can always find at least some points of contact. But, on the other hand, if people are completely different and they do not glue in any way, then living in constant conflict is also a destructive story. Sometimes it happens that a friend is closer to a relative. In general, we are all different.

Who in your family has influenced you especially?

I believe that mom. (Smiles). My beloved mother. I think that she is an example of a strong and strong -willed woman for me, who, if necessary, works, if necessary, will devote time to the family. She always has everything in time.

You have a cousin with whom you started communicating in student times. In this sense, you found something close in the history of the “sisters”?

Not quite, because we met my cousin Galya really in adulthood. Our families have not talked for many years, and she found me on social networks. I was a student when she wrote to me: “Hello! I am Galya, your cousin “. We met with her and began to communicate. I will not say that now we do not spill water. We are two individuals, each has its own life, we just try to keep in touch. But what is happening with the heroines of the series is another.

Since since childhood they, figuratively speaking, “share toys”?

Yes, Galya and I did not fight because of cosmetics or dolls, or what sisters are doing there. (Laughs). We have nothing to share. Therefore, all these nursing insults, such as a average child’s syndrome, like my Masha, I did not have. And my heroine only wants to pick up a piece of love, which, as she seems to her, was not given to her.